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                        Jinshan is committed to providing the highest quality in gastroenterology care with the most up-to-date care through the relentless pursuit of the latest GI technologies.

                        We are dedicated to provide you with the best non-invasive GI solutions.

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                        Capsule Endoscopy Platform

                        Making GERD diagnosis easier and simpler than ever before.

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                        Reflux Monitory System

                        JINSHAN endoscopy related portfolios provide an one-stop service with our innovative, smart and cutting edge endoscopy equipment.

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                        About JINSHAN

                        Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd (hereinaf-ter referred to as “Jinshan Group”) is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service of digital medical devices.


                        Our global headquarters in Chongqing, China, occupies a sprawling campus of 60,000 M2 and employs over 650 employees. With leading-edge research teams, extensive research facilities and robust resources, we are committed to bringing world-class GI solutions to the market.

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                        Jinshan dust-free production line

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                        Press Release
                        04 April 2023

                        We are excited to launch alpHaONE wireless pH capsule in US market with Laborie exclusively.

                        Calibration free, alpHaONE is ready to bring benefits to patients and physicians in GERD diagnosis.

                        #GERD #alphaONE #Laborie #JINSHAN

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                        We are excited to launch alpHaONE wireless pH capsule in US market with Laborie exclusively.
                        24 March 2023

                        Meet us at ESGE Days 2023!

                        Visit JINSHAN booth 26 to get exciting updates on OMOM Capsule Endoscopy and other innovations.

                        #ESGEDays2023 #CapsuleEndoscopy #RoboticCapsule #ColonCapsule #DigestiveHealth
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                        Meet us at ESGE Days 2023!
                        17 March 2023

                        OMOM Colon Capsule launched at SIES

                        Congratulations to Cellmed on the successful launch of OMOM Colon Capsule at SIES2023!
                        We are pleased to share this exciting news and look forward to its clinical application in Australia.
                        See Clearer, Longer and More with OMOM CC.

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                        OMOM Colon Capsule launched at SIES
                        01 March 2023

                        Elevation with OMOM.

                        A new segmentation network was validated for its effectiveness and feasibility of diagnosing angiodysplasias lesions with OMOM Capsule Endoscopy. This retrospective study of 375 patients was published in World Journal of Gastroenterology: https://lnkd.in/

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                        Elevation with OMOM.

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